New Year- New Me!

Happy New Year everyone- I have been a little absent from my posting since school has been out for winter term, I really wanted to take the three weeks away from the computer and enjoy the time with my husband.

We didn’t do much, but we did surprise everyone and go to Oregon for Christmas. It was nice to have no one know because then we weren’t tied to any plans and could see who we wanted- instead of running around like chickens with our heads cut off.

While we were home I talked with one of my most dearest friends about life and how much it’s changed since we were in middle school- how we have all became so into technology and you can hardly get a person away from their phones, computers, tablets- you name it they got it. So eight weeks ago I deleted my Facebook- it’s been the best decision ever. Sounds cheesy but it’s such a relief because I have no drama- not that I did in my life before but I don’t have to hear about everyone else’s gripes or aches and pains. It’s also been nice because over the last year several people have been brought into my life and I was ‘friends’ with them on FB and started judging them by their actions on Facebook. It really brought me down in the dumps by things that were said or certain photos being posted- guess what! Now I see them as the people I know in person, where I can see their facial expressions and actions. This week, one week before the term starts back up I decided to delete my Instagram too- I loved being able to see pictures without the drama of Facebook, but it started being a lot like FB where I was being either hurt by people’s words or actions- like they were trying to rub stuff in because I wasn’t there or judging things I did. So now I am 100% drama free of technology.

Winter term starts Monday and it’s going to be a real tough one. I am taking 18 credits and working full time, I’ve been praying a lot lately for Gods guidance through the next ten weeks. But for something to look forward to during this time of torture I asked my husband if at the end of March we could take a weekend away and go somewhere I can run a half marathon to reward myself. I thought he was going to die of laughter ‘and that’s a reward? I guess so if that’s how you want to reward yourself we will go wherever.’ So now to add to my busy schedule I am getting serious about training!

Sometimes I can’t help but look up and smile- thanks God for placing such a wonderful man in my life. One who supports and loves me no matter what crazy hair-brained idea I have.

Here’s some pictures that were taken over winter break- enjoy!

2 Corinthians 5:7
We live by faith, not by sight.











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2 thoughts on “New Year- New Me!

  1. Sorry I missed you…it was nice to see the folks if only for a short time. I’ll be praying for you…try to fit in sleep so you stay healthy!

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